Let’s Explore Stage Makeup

Hello everybody,

You might have noticed that I’m focusing this blog mainly on stage makeup, at least for right now. Stage makeup is something completely magical. You can transform yourself completely. We could become someone 30 years older than us. Or 10 years younger. You can make someone look completely different. You can even change genders. Let’s not forget about fake wounds. No actor can go on stage with a bare face the stage lights would make them look like a ghost. So, it’s important for actors to know how to do their own makeup. Even Broadway actors do their own makeup, and they’re at the top of the theatre world.

Now you might be asking,  “What do I already know about stage makeup?” Well, I’ll tell you. I’m relatively new to stage makeup in the sense that I can’t do some of the more advance stuff. What I know is from my years of experience that I’ve had throughout the years. I can do basics. I can do normal human make up. I can also do some animal make up thanks to my experience with The Chronical of Narnia in high school.Narnia I also can make a decent fake bruise. I found that out yesterday.


You now may be asking, “What do I want to learn about stage makeup?” To be honest, as much as I can. I want to know how  to make someone older. I want to know how to make someone younger. How to change genders. But, more than any of that I want to learn how to make fake scars and wounds. What goes into making fake blood look realistic? What is the process in making the fake scars and wounds? What do I need to do to make it look real? How do I get them to stay on?

I’m really looking forward to exploring this world and learning new things with you all.

Here are some links to get us started:

How to make fake blood

Easy Scar

Stage Makeup 101

Theatrical Makeup – highlights and contours

Theatrically Becca




4 thoughts on “Let’s Explore Stage Makeup

  1. Becca, your topic is very unique and yet also of high interest for students and adults alike. It will be interesting to learn the official recipes of stage transformation but also perhaps some of the DIY home-based recipes if that is where your inquiry takes you. I really appreciated reading about your theater background on the “About Me” page.


  2. Wow, there is so much you can do with stage makeup. I hadn’t considered how bright stage lights would wash out facial features. I always assumed that the dramatic makeup was to help the people in the back of the theater to see actors faces or to give the actors dramatic and permanent facial expressions to match the emotional persona of their character.


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