Hello! I figured you would like to know a little bit about me before we start this journey of discovering different aspects of Stage Makeup. My name is Becca Bollinger. I’m a Theatre Education major at University of Wisconsin Milwaukee. I enjoy to be behind the scenes more the on stage. So, I do a lot more of the set building, props gathering and making, costumes, stage makeup, and stage managing then acting. You can learn a little more about my past and my relationship with theatre on my about me page. As an education major I hope to share this knowledge with young people and give them the opportunity to try something maybe a little different. Not many schools have a theatre program at their schools, very few include technical theatre in their programs. I would like to help change that. To introduce the not seen side of theatre to kids. Technical theatre is where all of the spectical, that WOW factor comes in. With out technical theatre it would just be actors on a stage with dull or no lighting, empty stage, and naked. Let’s shed a little light on the behind the scenes heroes together. First up STAGE MAKEUP!!!!!!

If you like this comic there are more at Q2Q’s website.

Q2Q 300


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